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Hayley on the job


Fulfilling a Film or TV project with talented and driven creative minds is the ultimate in professional satisfaction for me. In this line of work, people skills are arguably as important as technical skills, and I have been so fortunate to be able to refine my craft by working with some of the best and most gracious professionals in the business. 

I love the way that our contribution to a character as hair and make up artists, helps to tell a story or set a tone. Through film and TV, we as an audience can learn so much on many levels. Making people off camera look great is just as important to me. Hair and Make-up Artists play a huge part in making people look fantastic on the outside and feel incredible on the inside.

I like to be as authentic as possible. I’ve always loved sharing knowledge and I love giving back. I intend to develop a course for Hair and Make-up Artists that focuses on looks, shortcuts and process that I use constantly. Opening a web-shop with basic tools and consumables for other Hair and Make-up professionals is just the start.
So watch this space! 

Curious about my professional projects in film, TV, fashion and theatre? Visit my portfolio by hitting the button below.

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