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Gift Box Organic is a social enterprise with a mission to restore dignity to homeless women through the creation of a simple, sustainable one-for-one model: For every box of 100% organic tampons purchased, Gift Box donates one to a woman in need.

In Australia:

  • Over 1.1 million women live in poverty and struggle to afford sanitary products each month.

  • 85,000 women access homeless services each year.

  • 25% are young women and girls aged 12-24.

Gift Box does more than just donate sanitary items to those in need. Through partnership with The Melbourne Period Project, many women have also found employment in the GBO warehouse, packing and fulfilling our tampon orders.

To find out more about this issue and how you can help watch ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ directed by Chris Donis.

Gift Box offers subscription options with free home delivery, one-off purchases from $7.95, and those who don’t need tampons can ‘help a sister’ by donating. Visit the Gift Box Organic Website to find out more

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