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Tattoo transfers. A selection of wounds with stages to match. Fresh cuts and scratches with a 1-7 day old scabs. Great for recreating the same wound everyday. Very durable for a shooting day, hard wareing in tough conditions like water and heat. Leave shine on for a fresh FX or seal with matt sealer for an older dry looking scab. These are a great template to personaslize, use alcohol to pull back the colour or add congealed/jam blood for a 3D FX. Always great to have a set in your kit.


    Apply scratch/grazes tattoo transfer to clean skin.

    Remove eccess hair from the area for best result.

    Cut out transfer close to the edge.

    Peal back the clear plastic protector.

    Place the transfer down on the skin and use a damp cloth or powder puff to press down on the back.

    After 1-2 minutes the paper will slide away leaving the image.

    Use an anti shine product if you need a matt result.

    Use sealer for durablity.

    To personlise add other bloods or congealed blood.

    Experiment with removing the sratches and grazes with alcohol for a different affect.

    Remove with Alcohol.

    Avoid eye area and sensitve skin.

    Have fun!



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